About Adam’s Carpet Cleaning

Adam Harrod comes from a long line of carpet cleaners. His grandfather was a carpet cleaner. His father is a carpet cleaner. And Adam continues the Harrod family tradition by serving his community with his lengthy experience and deep expertise in this trade.

The concept of cleaning carpets may seem simple at first, however, cleaning carpets correctly requires many years of experience and a thorough understanding of chemistry, indoor health science, and flooring materials.

When you break down all the surfaces you interact within your home, you’re talking about dozens of materials that all need to be treated differently if they’re going to get cleaned properly. Right off the bat, a home may have the following materials present:

· Synthetic Carpet
· Synthetic Rugs
· Wool Rugs
· Vinyl Flooring
· Wood Flooring
· Furniture Upholstery (Cotton, Synthetic, Leather)
· Stone Floors / Outside Areas

The list goes on..

Finding someone that knows how to clean all of these different surfaces correctly is a unique discovery. And you have found that person. In your own community no less! (Sorry, Adam doesn’t travel to other states.)

So, if you need any surface in your home cleaned, and you want it done right with the peace of mind that nothing is going to get ruined – then call Adam’s Carpet Cleaning.

*Adam’s Carpet Cleaning is IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified.

IICRC certification water damage repair certificate

Neighborhoods and Cities We Service

  • Coburg
  • College Hill
  • Cottage Grove
  • Creswell
  • Danebo
  • Dorena
  • Drain
  • Fir Grove
  • Goshen
  • Harrisburg
  • Irving
  • Junction City
  • Lorane
  • Lowell
  • Marcola
  • Monroe
  • North Springfield
  • Pleasant Hill
  • Rice Hill
  • Springfield
  • Veneta
  • Yoncalla


The glue that holds Adam’s Carpet Cleaning together is our set of company values:

Quality Processes
Attention to Detail

Our business works because we hold these values dearly. It’s what guides our decision-making process, how we interact with our customers and it helps to grow our business year after year.