Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs are great additions to your home, especially in formal sitting rooms and other rooms that need an accent of color or design. These decorations receive a lot of foot traffic during their lifetime, which means they should be cleaned fairly regularly. The longer you go in between area rug cleanings, the more difficult it becomes to remove stains, dust, and dirt that has accumulated.

Area rugs need to be cleaned regularly, much like your home’s HVAC system, in order to filter dust and dirt out of the air properly. When you work with an experienced area rug cleaning company your area rugs will look brand new once the job is complete. Find out how we clean area rugs from start to finish below.

Prepare Your Home for an Area Rug Cleaning

If you have scheduled our team to clean your area rugs, there are a few steps you should take before we arrive. You can prepare your home for an area rug cleaning by doing the following:

Types Of Rugs We Clean

Our Process

It’s best to hire a professional to handle your area rug cleaning. You don’t want to end up using the wrong cleaning solutions because chances are you may strip the color from the rug. The solution used needs to have the right pH balance. If the pH is a little too high or too low, you can end up damaging the rug. So, trust a pro!
We will travel to your home to inspect your rugs free of charge. We first need to check each individual rug for the color composition and determine if your rug can be cleaned by traditional methods (if not, we’ll refer you to a rug cleaning facility).

Our cleaning crews use hot water extraction to remove dirt, dust, and stains from your area rugs. We test your rug for colorfastness so that we utilize the correct solution. Our teams use non-aggressive cleaning brushes with soft bristles so the wool is not damaged.

We rinse the rugs with a cleaning solution safe for use on wool but is slightly on the acidic side. This helps to leave the wool really soft when the process is finished (we don’t like to leave a lot of outgoing residue on wool).

Our team will leave an air mover on the rug in order for it to dry as quickly as possible. With any of the carpet cleaning services we perform, especially when it comes to treating something like a wool rug, we like to bring out the fan. By the time we are done cleaning up and packing to leave, the rug(s) should be mostly dry.

Schedule Your Area Rug Cleaning Today

Have stains appeared on your area rugs? Have your area rugs not been cleaned in years? Dust and dirt builds up easily and your rugs should be cleaned often. Cleaning not only helps your rugs look brand new, but it also helps to clean the air you breathe in your home. Schedule your area rug cleaning today.


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