Carpet and Fabric Protectant

March 12, 2021
carpet and fabric protectant

When carpet is made, carpet manufacturers adhere a factory coating (protectant) on it which helps reduce friction on the carpet surface (think Teflon coating for frying pans). Ultimately, this treatment keeps soils from sticking to it and allows your vacuum to suck up more dirt than untreated carpet. If you see or purchase carpet that is labeled “Stain Master”, then that carpet is treated with the type of protectant that we’re talking about.

  • Reduces surface tension
  • Makes carpet last longer
  • Allows dirt and spills to be cleaned easier

Why Carpet Cleaners Must Be Careful With New Carpet

Upwards of 90% of new carpets come with protectant. It’s almost unheard of to find new carpet without it. And because of this, only expert carpet cleaners should clean stain protected carpet. All too often unskilled carpet cleaners will use a high temperature, high PH cleaning treatment that strips the protectant off high-quality, stain protected carpet.

At Adam’s Carpet Cleaning – We Know Our Chemistry

If you choose Adam’s Carpet Cleaning, you’ll be getting your carpet cleaned by someone who knows the PH scale. When we arrive at your residence or office, we’ll be able to determine the level of PH on the spot to properly clean your carpet without stripping the protectant off. We’ll also be able to determine whether or not your carpet needs to have stain protectant re-applied.

How Often Should You Get Carpet Protectant Re-Applied To Your Carpets?

The most important part is to get your carpet cleaned every six months or year. With one year being the minimal duration between cleanings. If you’re getting your carpets cleaned on a regular basis, then have a carpet protector applied every one to two years.

Carpet Protectant Makes it Easier to Vacuum and Protects the Carpet from Getting Heavy Stains

Remember the last time you spilled water on a new shirt or jacket – the water didn’t sink in? It just beaded right off. That’s analogous to how carpet behaves with carpet protectant on it.

The beauty of how it works is it keeps the spills from sinking into the carpet. Instead, the spill is basically resting on the surface, allowing you to spot clean it easier. Thanks to this phenomena, you won’t have to spend as much time vacuuming either.

Carpet Manufacturers Recommend Stain Protectants To Be Reapplied

The manufacturers of the carpet do recommend that protectants should be reapplied. They state that they do help the carpet last longer and stay cleaner longer.

Please Choose A Certified Carpet Cleaner

No matter who you choose to clean your carpets, please make sure they are a certified carpet cleaner – certified by the IICRC. Carpet cleaning is a skilled trade, and the technicians that took the extra effort to get certified did so to provide their customers with the best expertise, value and service.

Featured Image by Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels


The glue that holds Adam’s Carpet Cleaning together is our set of company values:

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Our business works because we hold these values dearly. It’s what guides our decision-making process, how we interact with our customers and it helps to grow our business year after year.