Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Over time you may notice small droplets on your hardwood floors (especially in the kitchen or dining room). Many of our customers find these blemishes incredibly difficult to remove. What’s really going on? Depending on the floor shining product that was used in the past, droplets from water, food, and beverages can become encapsulated in the floor shining product. It’s nothing to worry about, it just takes an expert floor cleaner to revitalize your floors properly.

In order to clean droplets on hardwood floors we need to remove the topical shining solution that was used previously. To ensure the best results, we sometimes will call the number on the label of the product and ask the manufacturer what solution they recommend to remove their cleaner.  Why do we go to these great lengths? Because the devil is in the details and that’s the only way hardwood floors can get cleaned correctly.

Next, we’ll spray your floor with a light layer of our wood cleaner using a pump sprayer. We only use products that are certified for wood, meaning they’re neutral pH. This is to ensure that the cleaner won’t strip off your wood finish. The right cleaner is designed to encapsulate the soil on your floor in a solution that can be removed at the end of the cleaning process.

We use our floor cleaning machine with a buffing pad to scrub your floor. Our floor machines do a fantastic job, much better than what can be done by hand. The floor cleaning machine happens to be an extra-large piece of equipment that requires training to use. All of our employees are fully trained in using the floor machine to ensure you receive the optimum results. The buffing pad on our machine is specially designed for hardwood floors, and it’s made from a soft material to protect your floor.

When we’ve covered the entire floor we mop it up and remove the encapsulated soil solution, leaving your floor shiny and cleaner than the day it was installed. Finally, we use a commercial fan to properly ventilate your room to remove any aerosolized cleaning agents, leaving the room smelling fresh.

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Why Professionals Should Clean Your Hardwood Floors

If you have a beautiful hardwood floor, you’ll want to regularly clean it to ensure it looks it’s best. Properly maintained hardwood floors should last for decades.
However, it can be hard to properly clean your floor on your own. Water can get into the cracks and make the wood swell.  You can actually damage your floors if you’re not careful! Additionally, supermarket cleaning products can leave unsightly marks on your floor.

With our special cleaning products, floor cleaning machines, and fully trained staff, we can give your floor a deep clean and leave it looking shiny and gorgeous – without the damage and with protection.

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How Much Does It Cost?

We offer a free consultation during which we will inspect your hardwood floor and decide the best cleaning approach for your needs.

Give us a call at (541) 912-0290 and we’ll be happy to book you in for your free consultation. We can provide an estimated price range over the phone.

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