Pet Urine Removal

A dog is a man’s best friend. Cats also make for great companions. Whether you live alone with your pet, with your pet and your family, or any other combination; removing pet urine from your carpet is vital to your health. You should always clean up after a pet urinates on the carpet. Even if it simply involves mopping the urine up with paper towels and spraying the area with a deodorizer.

If your pet has had a lot of accidents in your home, it’s a good idea to have a professional carpet cleaning company visit your home to inspect the damage. At Adam’s Carpet Cleaning we can examine your carpet in-person to determine the level of damage and give you a quote for the cleaning process.

Our Pet Urine Removal Process

When a dog or cat urinates on the carpet it does not stop just at the carpet fibers. The urine penetrates the pad underneath your carpet as well. The urine might not always penetrate the pad, but more often than not it will. This is reason enough alone to have your carpets professionally cleaned to remove pet urine.

Our team is able to detect the areas of the carpet and pad where most of the urine has pooled. Our detection tools will provide a reading so we know which areas to focus on the most when cleaning. We saturate the affected area with a disinfectant that is made of hydrogen peroxide and a deodorizer.

Once the carpet has been saturated with the cleaning solution we leave it to dwell. After adequate time has passed we brush the fibers to evenly distribute the solution. We then use a water suction device to suck the water, solution, and urine out of the carpet and pad. The machine connects to our truck and we can see everything that leaves the carpet. If the water isn’t clear, we will saturate and flush the carpet a second time.

Many cleaning companies will simply tell you to replace the carpet and padding. This is not always the best route to take. The carpet should be thoroughly inspected first before an opinion is provided. We will be honest with you. If it’s not worth spending money on a cleaning service we will recommend that you replace the carpet and padding. However, if the damage is not that bad, we will recommend pet urine removal.

Cleaning Your Carpets To Remove Pet Urine Is Important For Your Health

Cleaning the carpets kills the germs and removes the urine. If you fail to clean the carpets, the salts are left behind and they can become bad for your health. The longer the carpets are left uncleaned, the more the alkaline builds up on the bad side of the pH scale. This leads to ammonia gas being released into the air of your home. Breathing ammonia gas over a prolonged period can damage your lungs. The summer months are the worst time of year for ammonia gas to be released.

Schedule Pet Urine Removal Services Today

If your dog or cat has urinated a lot on your carpet it’s time to explore professional urine removal services from a trusted and reputable rug cleaning company. Call our office to schedule a free consultation in your home so our team can inspect the rugs and provide you with a proper estimate for our pet urine removal service. We can provide an estimated price range over the phone.


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