At Adam’s Carpet Cleaning, we don’t just clean carpets – we clean any surface that your feet touch. We are experts at cleaning all types of flooring surfaces, carpets, rugs, upholstery, and even bathroom surfaces. Our extensive knowledge of cleaning solution chemistry combined with our years of experience allows us to tackle any situation, making your home look brand new, smelling fresh and keeping your indoor air quality safe.

Water Damage Remediation & Restoration

CALL (541) 912-0290 NOW IF YOU HAVE A WATER DAMAGE EMERGENCY. WE ARE AVAILABLE 24/7. What’s the difference between Adam’s Carpet Cleaning and other water damage and remediation companies? Answer: Experience and Equipment At Adam’s Carpet Cleaning we have decades of experience at removing water and wet carpet from buildings in record time. Many other […]

Stain Removal

We are the carpet cleaning company OTHER carpet cleaners send their customers to. If there’s a tough stain in town, Adam’s Carpet Cleaning is the outfit to call. WARNING: BE CAREFUL OF TRYING SPOT AND STAIN REMOVAL TECHNIQUES YOU FIND ON THE INTERNET. FOR EXAMPLE, MANY OF OUR CUSTOMERS TRY A TECHNIQUE USING VINEGAR AND […]

Mattress Cleaning

Getting your mattress cleaned is one of the most sanitary things you can do for yourself. If you suffer from allergies, sensitive skin or breathing issues – getting your mattress cleaned should be a regular priority in your household. Humans are constantly shedding loose skin cells and your mattress happens to be the perfect collector […]

Carpet Repair

Sometimes carpet can have permanent stains or damage where professional carpet cleaning just can’t help. If that’s the case, Adam’s Carpet Cleaning can repair your carpet. The first step is to have a professional carpet cleaner come out to your home or office and inspect your carpet. At this point the carpet cleaner can let […]

Carpet and Fabric Protectant

When carpet is made, carpet manufacturers apply a factory coating (protectant) on it which helps reduce friction on the carpet surface (think Teflon coating for frying pans). Ultimately, this treatment keeps soils from sticking to it and allows your vacuum to suck up more dirt than untreated carpet. If you see or purchase carpet that […]

Pet Urine Removal

A dog is a man’s best friend. Cats also make for great companions. Whether you live alone with your pet, with your pet and your family, or any other combination; removing pet urine from your carpet is vital to your health. You should always clean up after a pet urinates on the carpet.

Upholstery Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning upholstery, there is a lot of chemistry involved. Our experts can analyze a small sample of the fabric and come up with an optimal cleaning solution combination. This initial inspection process allows us to clean everything from synthetic to natural fiber materials.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Having your tile and grout professionally cleaned by an experienced service company is a service you should always budget for whether it’s for your home or your office. There’s nothing quite like the shine and luster of a freshly-cleaned tile floor in your kitchen, washroom, or office.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpet isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about protecting your investment, your health, and your mind. Think about it for a moment: Stained carpets reduce your home’s value. Dirty carpets are harmful to your lung health and immune system. Having clean carpets provides a more focused and balanced atmosphere – which improves the energy of your home!

Laminate Floor Cleaning

Laminate floors are easy to clean, but deep cleaning should be done professionally as to not damage the flooring or cause water to get underneath them. That’s when the trouble starts!

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Over time you may notice small droplets on your hardwood floors (especially in the kitchen or dining room). Many of our customers find these blemishes incredibly difficult to remove. What’s really going on?

Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs are great additions to your home, especially in formal sitting rooms and other rooms that need an accent of color or design. These decorations receive a lot of foot traffic during their lifetime, which means they should be cleaned fairly regularly.


The glue that holds Adam’s Carpet Cleaning together is our set of company values:

Quality Processes
Attention to Detail

Our business works because we hold these values dearly. It’s what guides our decision-making process, how we interact with our customers and it helps to grow our business year after year.