Upholstery Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning upholstery, there is a lot of chemistry involved. Our experts can analyze a small sample of the fabric and come up with an optimal cleaning solution combination. This initial inspection process allows us to clean everything from synthetic to natural fiber materials.

For example, artificial, synthetic fabrics are best dealt with using an acidic detergent for the rinse and a fine fabric shampoo for the pre-treatment that is properly formulated. In some rare instances (like with Haitian cotton) our teams use a specific product to avoid browning or discoloration of the material. The special shampoo for Haitian cotton has a reducing bleach agent. It removes one molecule of oxygen which is in juxtaposition to some cleaning agents which use extra oxygen molecules.

Our team is very meticulous with the products they use and are careful to maintain appropriate moisture levels. We use cotton bonnets with a low aggressive cleaning agent such as a dry foam shampoo in addition to a horsehair brush on very soft or delicate fabrics. Some fabrics can be ruined with watermarks or can tear if not handled well. They can brown in addition to the watermarks.

This is a very specialized trade when you are dealing with fine fabrics. We make sure the solutions from the machines we use are free of any possible contaminants. The lines have to be checked manually in our tools and we take extra care to not use incorrect abrasive cleaning agents on special fabrics while we maintain extra powerful cleaning agents for those really tough jobs on stronger fabrics.

Dwell Time

We allow for adequate dwell time to get a proper cleaning. Quick spray and extraction doesn’t allow for full dissolving of soils. This is why we get calls after someone else has attempted to clean upholstery.

One thing we’ve noticed is that our competitors don’t take the time and care required to properly clean upholstery. However, we do take the time and it shows in our work. We leave the fabrics clean and free of any residues.


Temperature, Agitation, Chemicals, and Time. These are the four properties that are essential to getting upholstery cleaned correctly.

Just knowing these four properties isn’t enough. A professional upholstery cleaner knows how to balance all four properties to get a sofa, pillows or drapes cleaned properly.

If you care about your furniture and need some quality upholstery or drapery cleaning, then contact our experts so we can do an inspection and give you the best deal you can get for the highest level of service. We can help clean and restore upholstery of all fabric types. We do custom price estimates for each job to ensure you get the best deal for a level of service.


The glue that holds Adam’s Carpet Cleaning together is our set of company values:

Quality Processes
Attention to Detail

Our business works because we hold these values dearly. It’s what guides our decision-making process, how we interact with our customers and it helps to grow our business year after year.