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The Story

Adam comes from a long line of expert carpet and upholstery cleaners. The family tradition began with his grandfather who ran a carpet cleaning service known for their attention to detail and high-quality results. Soon, Adam’s father joined grandpa, and then Adam joined as well.

Believe it or not, carpet cleaning expertise is deeply rooted in oral tradition where knowledge is passed down through experiences, customer feedback, networking with other carpet cleaners, and even knowing cleaning solution chemists.

Most importantly, throughout the years of running Adam’s Carpet Cleaning, Adam Harrod has developed a ironclad set of company values that continues to delight his customers and grow his business year after year.


Cleaning carpets correctly is all about chemistry. Knowing which agents work with what kind of stains is critical to removing stains completely and safely. At Adam’s Carpet Cleaning we know which cleaning solutions will not remove your factory protected stain resistant coating. If you have spots that came from synthetic food dyes, we can mix the perfect ratios of cleaning agents to get them out completely. Chemistry is our secret sauce

Health and Safety

Carpet cleaning isn’t just about aesthetics. Carpet cleaning plays a big role in improving indoor air quality as well as reducing unhealthy chemicals that you may get exposed to. At Adam’s Carpet Cleaning, we care deeply about our customer’s health and only use cleaning agents that we know are safe for family. Not only that, we know what agents, temperatures, and other variables to adjust to keep everyone in the household as safe as can be after a thorough cleaning is done.


We take special pride in our work. So much so that we clean every square inch requested – even if a portion of carpet doesn’t look like it needs cleaning. Other cleaning companies will try to get through the job as fast as possible in order to rush out to the next job. Not us. We make sure every centimeter of carpet is cleaned. Besides, there’s still dust, allergens, and invisible soil that needs to be removed. This goes back to our core value of keeping our customers safe and healthy. What good is getting your carpet cleaned if there’s still plenty of dust and hidden dirt left behind?


Passion for carpet cleaning? Yep. It may seem strange to some, but we actually love this trade. We love the chemistry and science behind cleaning. We love making our customers happy. We love solving problems. And trust us, a lot of carpet cleaners are not passionate about their trade – it’s just a job to them. We live and breathe carpet cleaning (another reason why we pay so much attention to safety!).

Free Quotes & Estimates


We will travel to your home or business and inspect what needs to be clean. This part of the service is on us! This also ensures you get an accurate quote. Remember – it all goes back to chemistry. We’ll need to examine your spots and stains so we know what will be required to remove them. We may even ask to look at the product that caused the stain so we know what ingredients made the stain. That’s how we know how to fight them! If you’re constrained for time, we can also give you a ballpark quote over the phone.


We provide the following cleaning services for our customers:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Dog, Cat and Pet Urine Removal
  • Hardwood Floor Cleaning
  • Laminate Floor Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning (Synthetic & Wool)
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning

Service Area

We are located in Eugene, Oregon, and are available to serve your carpet, upholstery, tile, and grout cleaning needs. We also service:

  • Coburg
  • Cottage Grove
  • Creswell
  • Harrisburg
  • Junction City
  • Pleasant Hill
  • Springfield
  • Veneta


Company news

Carpet and Fabric Protectant
March 12, 2021

When carpet is made, carpet manufacturers adhere a factory coating (protectant) on it which helps reduce friction on the carpet surface (think Teflon coating for frying pans). Ultimately, this treatment keeps soils from sticking to it and allows your vacuum to suck up more dirt.

Introducing our Favorite Eco-Cleaner: Carpet Details
December 12, 2020

We’re always experimenting with different types of cleaners and solutions at our headquarters in Eugene, OR. We’ve been on the hunt for a gentle cleaner for our customers that are sensitive to detergents and prefer to stay away from chemicals. Well, we’ve finally found it..


The glue that holds Adam’s Carpet Cleaning together is our set of company values:

Quality Processes
Attention to Detail

Our business works because we hold these values dearly. It’s what guides our decision-making process, how we interact with our customers and it helps to grow our business year after year.